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Commercial Fish Markets and the Importance of Having Quality Cutting Boards

April 24, 2018

While any type of food-service business benefits from using quality cutting boards, nowhere are these tools as relied upon than in commercial fish markets as you may already know if you operate one at present. Not only is there a lot of cutting, chopping and slicing connected with selling fish but also a sufficient amount of fish blood and guts all over the boards. The cutting boards must be able to stand up to all of these elements and be easy to clean and sanitise thoroughly after each use.

Commercial Fish Markets Are Busy Places

With the demand for fish on the rise, fish markets are quite busy places. Employees are either preparing the fish behind the scenes, or right in front of the customers to deliver them the fish exactly the way that they want it to take home or to their restaurants.

Cutting Boards Must Be Able to Endure Almost Constant Use

Since the fish markets are quite busy as the previous section explains, the cutting boards in them should be able to endure the almost constant use without prematurely falling apart. Remember that cheap boards will develop knife grooves faster than quality ones will with normal use. Poorly made boards also may warp, crack and come apart quickly from exposure to your cleaning and sanitising methods.

The Cutting Boards Need to Be Easy to Clean and Sanitise

Cutting boards for fish markets always should be easy to clean and sanitise. They need to be able to be dishwasher safe if this is the method of sanitising that you use in your establishment or be able to stand up to soaking in a mild bleach solution when you are hand washing your boards.

You Should Understand That Quality Cutting Boards Can Be Refurbished

In addition to the above attributes, you should seek out boards that can be refurbished to extend their lifespan. This process removes the knife grooves and other signs of wear that can prevent proper sanitising to return the boards to almost new condition. Often, you can hold off investing money in new boards as a result.

Rely on Cutting Board Services to learn additional details about commercial fish markets and the importance of them having quality cutting boards. We provide a reconditioning service for cutting boards on a mobile basis to address your needs without dramatically disrupting your daily schedule. In the event that you do require new boards, though, you also can purchase quality ones from our company. The ones that we provide do not warp like cheaper ones do, and they come in a variety of thicknesses, sizes, colours and grades of polyethylene.

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