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Reasons Why Your Commercial Cutting Boards Should Be Odour-Free

December 7, 2017

In a commercial kitchen, there are numerous pieces of equipment and other elements that help with food prep on a daily basis. These items must be clean and sanitary all of the time to prevent food bourne illnesses and other issues from occurring. Commercial cutting boards play an important role in a commercial kitchen and just like the other items that are necessary they must be clean and sanitised for safe use. One sign that shows that the boards are dirty is the presence of odour. Below, you will learn the reasons that you should ensure that your kitchen’s cutting boards or odour-free.

Odour Is a Sign of Food Residue

One thing that odour on cutting boards may be a sign of is food residue. When you fail to clean the boards or do it poorly, you can leave residue from the previous vegetables, meat or other types of food. This can cross contaminate your foods and even spoil their unique flavours.

Bacteria Can Make Commercial Cutting Boards Smell Unpleasant

Odour also can be a sign of bacteria that can cause food bourne illnesses. If people become ill from eating your foods, they can ruin your reputation by their bad reviews or even bring a lawsuit against you. The latter can cost big bucks in fines to solve.

Cutting Boards That Smell Bad Can Transfer Unwanted Odour to Your Food

The odour of the boards can go into the foods and change their natural aromas. Even when the foods are cooked, they may retain the cutting board odour. People’s pleasure from food is influenced not only by their taste buds, but also by how they perceive the aromas of the cuisine or foods through their sense of smell.

Smelly Cutting Boards May Need Refurbishing

When you clean your boards and they still give off an odour, they may need refurbishing to remove the knife marks from them. These marks can be deep enough at times to harbour bacteria and food residue. Once the boards go through resurfacing, the odour will no longer be present as long as you clean them appropriately.

Contact Cutting Board Services to learn further facts about the reasons why your commercial cutting boards should be odour-free. We specialise in resurfacing used cutting boards and in selling new durable cutting boards on a wholesale basis. Our boards are from high molecular weight polyethylene or HMWPE (500). You even can custom order the size that best suits your needs. Also, a variety of colours are available to enable you to colour code for safety purposes.

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