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Durable Commercial Polyethylene Cutting Boards: Benefits in Sanitation and Hygienic Purposes

May 24, 2018

No professional kitchen can operate smoothly and safely without quality cutting boards to protect the work surfaces. While there are numerous types of these boards today, you need to ensure that the ones you purchase not only are durable but also sanitise easily in order for you to operate your kitchen in a hygienic fashion. We are here to explain the sanitation and hygienic benefits of durable commercial polyethylene cuttings boards.

Quality Polyethylene Cutting Boards Resist Knife Cuts and Are Non-Porous

When you purchase quality cutting boards of polyethylene, you receive boards that resist knife cuts that can cause deep grooves in cheap boards. This benefit helps with the sanitation of the boards since deep grooves can harbour bacteria. If you have boards that resist the development of these grooves, they are easier to clean and sanitise. In addition, these boards are non-porous, which allows them to fully dry quickly after washing, which also prevents bacteria from growing on them and the boards warping.

Mercury and Cadmium Free

Another benefit of these boards is the fact that they are free of mercury and cadmium which no one wants in their food since these chemicals are toxic. All elements that touch your food in your kitchen need to be free from chemicals such as these.

Polyethylene Cutting Boards Will Not Peel or Crack with Normal Use

You can use durable polyethylene boards daily without them peeling or cracking. Note that we state durable ones since there are cheap thin ones that will cause you issues. Purchase the European version of these boards instead of the poorly made Chinese knock-offs to ensure that they last over time.

Acid Resistant

Being acid resistant is another plus for boards of polyethylene since so many of the foods are highly acidic. The last thing that you need is the cutting boards to adversely react with the acid from these foods.

You Can Colour Code These Boards to Prevent Cross-Contamination

Since these boards come in red, green, blue, white, black, yellow and brown, you can colour code them to prevent cross-contamination from occurring in your kitchen. Examples of this include red for raw meats, green for fresh vegetables and brown for cooked meats.

Dishwasher-Safe for Easy Cleaning and Sanitising

One huge advantage of the commercial polyethylene cutting boards is the fact that they are dishwasher-safe. You can simply place the boards in your dishwasher to sanitise them.

For further information about the commercial polyethylene cutting boards and the benefits of them in sanitation and hygienic purposes for your kitchen, turn to Cutting Board Services. We carry high-quality European cutting boards in various grades, thicknesses and colours of polyethylene. Also, we offer a mobile resurfacing service for cutting boards to return them to an ideal condition to extend their lifespan.

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