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The Ease of Patronising Mobile Services and Maintenance for All Commercial Cutting Boards

March 21, 2018

Food-industry kitchens are such hectic places that you may have difficulty finding sufficient time to address all the necessary tasks to ensure that your kitchen operates in an optimal fashion. For this reason, you must find the most efficient ways to perform your tasks in order to accomplish them successfully each day. This is where the ease of patronizing mobile services and maintenance for all of your commercial cutting boards comes in handy to help you reach this goal. We know this since our company, Cutting Board Services, is the place to turn for this type of maintenance and services whenever you require them. Below, we share the benefits of turning to us.

We Come to You with a Fully Equipped Van

Cutting Board Services come to your location with our fully equipped van. We perform all of our services and maintenance on-site at your establishment. You will never need to come to us since we believe that your time is valuable.

Our Company Can Refurbish Different Types of Cutting Boards

With our equipment, we can refurbish a variety of materials in commercial cutting boards ranging from wood to polyethylene. Our process removes knife marks and other signs of wear that can harbour bacteria to return your cutting boards back to a sanitary, safe condition for use in your kitchen.

Maintenance and Services from Us Saves You Money

In comparison to purchasing new boards, our mobile services and maintenance save you money. You can take your savings and reinvest them into other sections of your business that require improvement without going over your operating budget. Care for your cutting boards with us to reap this benefit in an optimal way.

Buy New, Quality Cutting Boards from Us

When your boards are beyond refurbishing or you just require additional ones for your kitchen, you can rely on us for new, quality ones of polyethylene. We offer a wide range of sizes, colours and thicknesses in a wide assortment of densities in order for you to find the boards that best suit your requirements. Another benefit of our boards is that you can colour code them to ensure that there is no cross contamination in your kitchen since we offer green, brown, white, red, blue, yellow and even black boards for your consideration.

Contact us at your earliest convenience to learn additional facts about the ease of patronizing our mobile services and maintenance for all commercial cutting boards or to schedule an appointment for our van to come to your establishment. We are here to serve your needs in a courteous, cost-effective, quality and timely manner.

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