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Why Plastic Cutting Boards are the Best for Kitchen Knives

December 1, 2017

Have you ever thought what material is best for our cutting boards?

Is it stone, wood, glass or plastic? Does the type of material really matter? Or is it just pure personal preference?

The cutting board is a fundamental tool in every kitchen, without it, almost no food preparation can be accomplished. The cutting board is the essential kitchen tool where all ingredients are laid out in preparation to cook. There are different kinds of cutting boards made of stone and even glass, but the two most common cutting board types are plastic and wood.

No matter what type of cutting board you have in your kitchen, eventually these will wear down and need to be replaced of resurfaced. But which type of material is best used for cutting boards for kitchen knives? The answer is plastic cutting boards. What makes plastic cutting boards better?

Below are descriptions of the different types of cutting boards to explain why plastic cutting boards are best for kitchen knives:

  • Stone cutting boards. Though stone cutting boards are highly durable and easy to clean, these are typically heavy and not knife friendly. Due to its durability, stone cutting boards dull kitchen knives with every slice.
  • Glass cutting boards. Similar to stone cutting boards, glass cutting boards are easy to clean and nonporous, but like stone however, glass cutting boards are notorious for blunting kitchen knives.
  • Wood and Bamboo cutting boards. When wood gets wet it expands and it contracts when it dries, which is why it is not recommended to place these in the dishwasher as they tend to warp and crack, making the board uneven and unusable. Wood requires a lot of maintenance, and although these don’t dull blades quickly, for commercial kitchens they are expensive to maintain.
  • Plastic cutting boards. Plastic is extremely durable, flexible, easy to clean, and does not dull your kitchen knives like other cutting boards. Also, unlike wood or bamboo cutting boards, plastic does not absorb moisture and is dishwasher safe and extremely durable. The surface of high-grade plastic cutting boards have plenty of friction so that kitchen knives will not slip when slicing food.

The most important part about plastic cutting boards is that they are easy to clean by placing them safely in the dishwasher, which is important for commercial kitchen to prevent bacteria from developing.

Plastic cutting boards will still wear down with much use and will develop food stains, just like other cutting boards. Luckily, Cuttingboard Services offers plastic cutting board resurfacing, which not only removes tough food stains, but also restores cutting boards to a like-new condition.

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